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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Twitter and Me

     So far it has been a very eye opening experience working with Twitter for class. Up until this point I had always had a dim view of Twitter and made sure to avoid making my own account. Now while I still see large amount of Twitter as useless, the educational uses shown to us is class have proved that it could be a very valuable tool in teaching. Twitter is a great way to collaborate with other professionals in a quick and straight forward atmosphere. It also could be extremely useful in class with the students. As we saw on Tuesday (Feb. 18), Twitter can be used to share answers in class between both teachers and students. Not only does this document all of the answers, but it gives the opportunity for participation from everyone. Although using it to take a quiz, as we did in class, sounded confusing at first it quickly became clear as to how it can be utilized. New to me was the TweetDeck, which provided a great way to organized the class's answers and the provided questions.


  1. Gotta like the picture, and I like how you used the word collaborate instead of cooperate.

  2. I as well did not want to get a Twitter but I soon came to realize how helpful it can be. There are so many professional references out there to learn from.

  3. Nice post! It’s nice to hear that you are having a positive experience with this class. I have learned so much and am really starting to get the hang of twitter. I am excited about bringing this into my future classroom.